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How it works?

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Keep it simple (Logging is easy and should not take more than 5 mintues a day. See below for tricks to logging.)

1: Sign up for a FREE account and you will receive Your HSK Prime # which is the ONLY number you need for weight loss. Most people set unrealistic goals when it comes to weight loss with trying to eat only certain foods or an amount they won't stick with, but knowing what Your HSK Prime # is and eating (Any type of food you want!) underneath it is the easiest way to weight loss and everyone can do it. By using the tools on HSK you will naturally and overtime realize losing weight and maintaining it is easy and simple.

2: For the 1st day you will be on the same equation every other site and tracker uses. This is your starting point. Locate your weight loss number highlighted in yellow. Try to stay underneath your weight loss number to lose weight, at it to maintain or over to gain.

3: After 2 days you will automatically be switched to HSK's Lite algorithm and receive Your HSK Prime #. Stay underneath it to lose, at it to maintain and over it to gain. Continue to log your foods, activities and weight into HSK as honestly as possible. In the beginning Your HSK Prime # will move up and down aggressively. Your HSK Prime # will update daily based on what you have logged and how it impacted your body.

4: As you log you will be switched to HSK's Prime algorithm. This is a more advance algorithm and will become a smoother number as you log more data into your program. As long as you continue to stay under Your HSK Prime # on average you lose weight. It is that simple. HSK's algorithm will make adjustments to Your HSK Prime # for you automatically as you log.

5: When you are at your goal simply eat up to Your HSK Prime # daily. There is no guessing what you need to do when you get to your goal weight because you already have that number. Remember HSK's algorithm works off of the food, activities, weight and life style you live to give you your unique number daily. You will never need another tool for weight loss and control.

(If you do not want to log everyday for life you can log periodically to see what Your HSK Prime # is doing)

All other sites and trackers use the Harris Benedict equation or a variation (Mifflin, Katch or Cunningham) of the equation to give you a weight loss number which as stated by The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition is off 14% on average. So on a 2000 calorie a day diet they are off 280 calories a day!

This is why in our opinion most people don't have long term weight loss! They are working with faulty equations.

HSK solves the problem.

As you log your foods and activities HSKs algorithm looks at the foods you are eating, exercise you are doing and the lifestyle you live to give you an accurate number. We are constantly in a state of change so HSK's algorithm automatically updates for you. You will love knowing what Your HSK Prime # because it gives you more food to eat when you want it, flexibility, control and results.

Losing weight is simple, but not easy we hear. Our experience it that is becomes simple and easy.

  • Once you have a number you can trust you now can focus on finding foods and exercises that work best for you. Health Sidekick will help you with this by ranking your diets, days, weeks, recipes, foods and exercise programs and how well they translated into weight loss for you.

  • Logging needs to be quick(5 mintues a day), simple and produce results so we developed the HSK's aglorithm to work with guestimates (you don't have to be exact, weigh and measure everything). The HSK algorithm will produce the results for you. The trick to making logging easy and fast is to develp a logging style that works for you and stick with it. Most of us don't measure or weigh everything out. We don't worry about being exact(you certainly can if you want to). If we are eating something that we are not sure of the caloric intake we do a guestimate or find something comperable and log that. One of the benefits of HSKs algorithm is you can be as accurate or as general as you want when you are logging and still get an accurate number for your weight loss. You just need to be consistent in your logging. Consistent means if you eat 2 eggs and call them 200 calories call them 200 calories every time. If you eat 3 types of burgers, 1 homemade, 1 eating out and 1 at someone else's B-Q you could say each burger was 400 calories if you wanted to and HSK's algorithm will still get an accurate number for weight loss. Logging for most of us does not take more than 5 minutes a day. Don't worry about being exact just be consistent. Make your logging simple, fun and fast and if you stick with it it will produce results

  • You also can log periodically if you don't want to log every day and still get a 0 weight loss or gain number that works for you.

  • It's simple because HSK provides you with Your HSK Prime # that you know if you just stay under you will lose weight.

  • The next challenge is separating your true self (the one who wants to be healthy and at your goal weight) from the voice that keeps you moving from one diet to the next or tells you to eat whatever you want. This animal instinct(or whatever you want to call it) can easily be controlled with a mental, spiritual program or both that you can develop if you wish inside Health Sidekick. Getting over the yo-yo dieting or overeating/binging mentality that most have developed will make it easy to lose weight.

  • Health Sidekick's mission in addition to providing our members with the most accurate weight loss number in the world is to help people overcome the yo-yo dieting and overeating/binging mentality. You can develop your own eating and exercise plan that you enjoy. You are in control. By simply using your mental and spiritual tools to stay under Your HSK Prime # you will naturally and overtime realize losing weight is simple and easy

Hope this helps.